New content strategies
for changing times

It’s a turning point in the industry, and brands are adapting and re-adapting marketing strategies in real time. Content is in abundance, so needs to be sharp and concise. Quality over quantity. Learning from your mistakes and figuring out what works on the fly; the need to be agile.

Sessions at AToMiCon will arm you with the insights and tips to step up your content marketing game.

MARCH 5, 2019



  • Destination Canada tells global stories with a local focus

    The story of Canada resonates best when seen through the eyes of travellers. Executive Director of Global Content, Cookie Boyle, explains the content solution which used psychographics and heavy data that changed attitudes by zeroing in on the country-specific game plan to reach their international audience.

  • Raise your game: Canadian Tire shows how more focus on content impacts KPIs

    Canadian Tire is in the content marketing game for the long haul and over the years has proven the value of evolving and investing in programs to achieve optimal engagement.

    Greg Shelly believes the importance of quality personalized content fueled by the right strategy is often overlooked in driving performance in marketing, and the resulting impact on demand generation, sales and brand engagement cannot be overestimated. Shelly shares CanTire's long-term big picture content marketing approach.

  • Creating global content amidst a movement

    Sharon MacLeod talks about how Dove Men+Care is championing paternity leave with content celebrating modern men around the world, including a documentary called "Dads".

  • The new metrics – the evolution of attribution in the content stream

    No matter how creative, memorable or popular your content is (or may become), every asset you create and share is ultimately judged by the impact it makes on your business’ bottom line. And that is not just measured once the content is published; to understand impact and deliver the best possible ROI – marketers need to analyze and optimize content’s performance on a continual basis.

    Cathy McKnight, The Content Advisory/Content Marketing Institute's VP Strategist & Solver of Problems, takes us behind the metrics of effective programs and shares how results can be improved through amping up the tracking rigor and effectiveness lens of your content strategy.

  • Attention is the new ingredient: KFC’s secret recipe

    Managing an always-on content strategy is no small feat. Now imagine your category is chicken, not a trending topic like fashion or entertainment. And you’re a legacy brand that needs to get back into the cultural conversation. So you dust off your iconic brand assets, and let the zaniness begin.

    Welcome to the wacky world of KFC, a content marketing alternate reality where nothing is too far out of the box when it comes to getting attention. Stephen Scarrow walks us through how you get there, and how you keep it going.

  • Uncle Drew: Inside the PepsiCo Content Studio

    When your Pepsi Max character jumps to the big screen, as per Uncle Drew, you “Grab Your Squad and Go”. Louis Arbetter, the head of the PepsiCo Content Studio, takes us on the brand journey that led to the holy grail of content – a feature film that actually made box office – sharing how it became a hit and future content plans.

  • Putting players forward: Community content play

    Ubisoft Canada recently launched a new content program named Ubisoft FAM. Through a series of marketing tactics, Ubisoft Canada has created special content, experiences and rewards exclusively for Canadian fans. Ubisoft program lead Simon Joly shares the insights and goals that shaped a content platform for a very passionate community.

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