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Luncheon Roundtables

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Loft 4/5

Meet the experts. AToMiCon content marketing gurus will be available for discussions over the lunch break. Please see our staff at the registration desk to sign up for a luncheon roundtable. Lunch will be served in the session room.

*Advance sign-up is required 

How to create compelling content

Speaker: Louis Arbetter, PepsiCo


How to use AI for better content

Speaker: Robert Beredo, L'Oreal Canada


How to personalise your content

Speaker: Cookie Boyle, Destination Canada


How to create a content hub

Speaker: Simon Joly, Ubisoft


How to build a content calendar

Speaker: Cathy McKnight, The Content Advisory / Content Marketing Institute


How to create a dialogue with Gen Z

Speaker: Stephen Scarrow, KFC


Louis Arbetter
GM, PepsiCo Content Studio

Robert Beredo
Chief Digital Officer
L'Oreal Canada

Cookie Boyle
Executive Director, Global Content
Destination Canada

Simon Joly
Senior Marketing Manager

Cathy McKnight
VP Strategy & Consulting
The Content Advisory / Content Marketing Institute

Stephen Scarrow
Senior Marketing Manager, KFC
KFC Canada

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