Speaker Stephen Scarrow

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Stephen Scarrow

Senior Marketing Manager, KFC

KFC Canada

In his more than 16 years in the marketing landscape, Stephen has proven himself to possess an insatiable hunger for management and the pursuit of disruptive, nuanced ideas.

In 2002, shortly after earning his business administration degree from Western University, Stephen began his career at Ogilvy, managing a breadth of accounts from Quiznos & Unilever, through to Kodak and Timex.  Stomach still metaphorically growling, Stephen made the switch to Cossette where he spent 4 years working as an Account Director on McDonald’s and was part of the team that launched McDonald’s McCafe (you’re welcome for the free coffee).

But still Stephen’s hunger was not yet satiated, and so he turned his attention to chicken.

Joining KFC in 2010, Stephen was critical in bringing the world the now legendary Double Down, as well as the award-winning “Always Original” campaign in 2017.   His keen management skills and eye for innovative, attention-grabbing content helped launch the CMA winning Bitcoin Bucket this past year.  But he hasn’t stopped there and was imperative in the development of the upcoming “Feelin’ KFC?” campaign, proving that he is still hungry as ever.

In his spare time Stephen is an avid music fan and aspires to be a contestant on Rock ‘n Roll Jeopardy, although he may have missed his chance by a decade or so.

Speaking at: Attention is the new ingredient: KFC’s secret recipe; Luncheon Roundtables

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