• How to manage an 'Always-on' content strategy

    Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube. Twitter. Snapchat. Blogs. Corporate sites. Brand sites. E-commerce and retail partners. In-store content. (And a partridge in a pear tree.) The list of channels companies can reach consumers at has ballooned, and it gets longer with each passing year. But more channels means more content.

    Hear from Amex’s Lauren Dineen-Duarte and Notch Video’s Ian Buck on tips and tricks for creating an editorial calendar that works just as hard as you need it to.

  • The future of media - Assisted devices, live streaming and more

    Twenty years ago, we were told to be wary of people on the internet and not to get in cars with strangers. Today, we literally beckon strangers from the internet to drive us in their car. Change is funny like that.

    Nick Barbuto will explore the not-so-distant future to see how it’s affecting consumers and changing the way media companies do business. From blockchain to VR to machine learning, Barbuto gives an overview of how our world may change as all the new capabilities (and buzzwords) converge.

  • Making a splash on a shoestring budget

    When it comes to promoting your content, we get it: budgets are tight. But just because you don’t have a lot of promotional dollars behind your upcoming indie flick or art-house feature, it doesn’t mean you can’t attract a lot of attention.

    Red Lion president Matt Litzinger will walk producers through some marketing basics; real-world examples of big-impact, low-cost advertising; and how to make even the most meagre of budgets work effectively.

  • Into the creed: When fans shape your content

    Assassin’s Creed is letting fans take centre stage as the stars of the video game’s latest documentary, letting them do some of the loyalty-building heavy lifting. Ubisoft’s Stephanie Pecaoco breaks down the company’s long-term fan-centric growth strategy; the promise branded entertainment holds and how to actually measure the ROI of fan love.

  • Why your content sucks - An anthropological view

    More than previous generations, millennials and Gen Z are open to branding. They get that nothing in life is free, and some of the content they love needs a sponsor. And they’re totally down with watching a series with product integration, participating in an event sponsored by a brand, or even following a company’s beautifully shot Instagram feed. So, you spend your marketing dollars creating a beautifully shot and richly crafted content...only for it to fall flat. Simply put: in the eyes of consumers, your content sucks.

    Anthropologist Johanna Faigelman pulls back the curtain, giving the audience a peek at what’s working with youth and young adults right now, epic branding fails and how you can create content that’ll resonate with today’s eager audiences.

  • Are you listening? Podcasting and the power of sound

    Oral-only storytelling is one of human’s longest mediums, but in the age of TV and the internet, sound faded by the wayside for many content producers. But in the hyper-digital era, it’s getting renewed life. Nearly 10 million Canadians tune in to a podcast in the last year – and that number is on the rise.

    Are you listening yet? Stuart Cox, president of Antica Productions will delve into why the medium is such a powerful one, how the voice alone can enrich a story, and explore how companies can make a bit of coin along the way.

  • Star power: Inside Xerox’s modernization content play

    With an eye to modernizing a century-old brand, Xerox brought together 14 world-renown authors and artists who collaborated to create a digital tale of the modern workplace, filled with passion, suspense and paperclips. Hear the “why,” “what” and “so what” of an omnichannel marketing initiative that is all about content, communication and creativity.

  • Creating content with bite: Carmilla’s tips and tricks to convince die-hard fans to follow you wherever you go

    Shaftesbury’s Christina Jennings will share insights into how the production company created a brand-backed global phenomenon - from the simple, yet heartfelt story of a lesbian vampire, her mortal one-true-love and a case of missing college students - and how it convinced its fan base to follow it from YouTube to theatre to TV to books and beyond.

  • What Artificial Intelligence can teach us about getting the right content in front of the right audiences at the right time

    From Netflix to Fox to Sony and Estee Lauder to Capital One, IV/AI CEO and Toronto-native Vince Lynch works with some of the biggest names in entertainment and marketing. And they all want to know one thing: how do I get my content in front of the right audience when they want to watch it?

    But content distribution doesn’t have to be some complicated behemoth. In Lynch’s view, AI holds the key to effective, efficient and scalable distribution strategies that even the smallest companies can take advantage of. The big question, is how do you tap into it?

  • A ‘Tasty’ data-driven audience strategy

    Fragmented media doesn’t have to mean a fragmented audience. And BuzzFeed’s Tasty vertical has the recipe for success. What’s in that secret sauce you may ask? From YouTube to Pinterest and Instagram to Facebook, there are nuances to how you cut content. Learn how the media co is using data to drive its distribution reach across social channels, creating richer experiences for audiences along the way.

  • Crafting a cohesive brand content strategy

    It’s hard enough to build out a content strategy that fires on all cylinders in a single country. Absolut has done it on a global level – tapping into its audiences’ love of art and music. Hear from VP of marketing Craig Johnson on how everything the spirit brand puts out ladders up to a bigger strategy and how it all culminated in a Gold Lion win in Branded Entertainment at Cannes.

  • From YouTube to lifestyle brand: Lessons from Letterkenny on building a brand out of content

    A sold-out beer, popular clothing line, an 11-city live tour: Letterkenny has come a long way since its days as a small YouTube series in 2013. Now the tentpole show on Bell Media’s CraveTV platform, the New Metric Media series has evolved from cult following to mainstream hit. New Metric’s Mark Montefiore and Bell Media’s Matt Cowling deep dive into how, and why, the duo took Letterkenny into the real world, building out a content-led lifestyle brand in the process.

  • What’s AToMiCon?

    A pan-industry event that brings together the entertainment
    and marketing worlds!

    With brands creating content and tech changing audience engagement, the marketing and entertainment production communities have more in common than ever before.

    That’s why, Playback’s Marketing Summit (now, Entertainment Marketing Summit), strategy’s BCON Expo and AToMiC Awards are coming together as AToMiCon – a one-day event packed with insights and tips for anyone in the content creation game.

    / / Learn from CMOs and leading content marketing experts / /
    / / Get briefed on the best new branded content programs / /
    / / Hear the latest intel on effective audience-building strategies / /
    / / Network with marketers, producers, filmmakers, broadcasters, and content developers alike / /
    / / See the year’s best advertising, tech, media and content programs at the 2018 AToMiC Awards gala / /


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