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  • What’s next in content marketing?

    At a time when change is the only constant, staying on top of the shifting landscape is essential for any brand. To keep you ahead of the game, The Content Advisory’s Robert Rose will discuss what's next in content marketing, from the metrics being used to the consumer trends being tapped and the in-housing investments gaining steam.

  • Winning with soul

    Learn why thriving in the future will require marrying math and meaning, and how organizations can balance digital capability with human empathy. Futurist, author and strategic advisor for Fortune 500 companies, Rishad Tobaccowala will provide practical tools and techniques that brands can use to stay human in the age of data.

  • Navigating the minefield of cancel culture with pure purpose

    The past year has shown us that consumers are increasingly choosing to support brands that reflect their own values, and dumping those that don’t. But a foray into purpose-driven marketing can mean missteps and potential blow-back. StrawberryFrog’s Scott Goodson, co-author of Activate Brand Purpose: How to Harness the Power of Movements to Transform Your Company, looks at how companies can navigate this space in a meaningful way that won’t ring hollow.

  • Multicultural marketing’s coming of age

    Ethnic audiences are no longer niche. They are edging toward levels of critical mass and marketers like Kruger’s Susan Irving recognize that multicultural marketing should therefore be equally – if not more – compelling than campaigns for the rest of Canada. In this session, Irving and Ethnicity Matters’s Bobby Sahni discuss how brands are investing in authentic marketing that doesn’t cut corners and which isn’t just an add-on.

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