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MARCH 3, 2020



  • Reinventing content marketing: the 2020 business strategy

    It’s 2020. There is no doubt that we have moved into a new era of marketing. Automation, algorithms, data, privacy, and always-on are the priorities for today’s marketer. Yes, the entire practice of marketing has changed – again. And content is at the center of all this change.

    So why is the struggle to measure the effectiveness of content such a struggle for the business? In this session, we’ll reboot the whole notion of content marketing, discuss the business model of content, and walk step-by-step on how to develop the optimal business purpose and focus for a truly measurable content marketing strategy.

  • Content cues for a new decade: WGSN breaks down key consumer trends

    To inform your content marketing strategy going forward, learn what's going to resonate with your consumer next. How will people's behaviors evolve and what will they expect from brands and retailers in the near future?

    Director of WGSN Insight, Andrea Bell presents the key consumer sentiments and profiles that will disrupt industries and drive growth in 2022.

  • Influencer content 2.0

    Are influencers over-hyped? The continued increase of brands incorporating influencers in content programs indicates the value equation is still valid, but their role is evolving. As rules change and expectations alter, Ad Standards CEO Jani Yates moderates a discussion on best practices and the real business pressures brands and influencers now face.

    Panelists: Lauren Dineen-Duarte, American Express Canada; Jodi Blackburn Lopez, Jodi Blk; Sydney Hoffman, Blogger; Laura Hughes, Shaw Festival.

  • The new lane for branded content

    As we drive towards a 5G world with ever more distractions, how do you get people to notice your brand, let alone build it? Hear how Toyota Canada leverages branded content within their consumer-first marketing plans and how they tap tensions and unmet needs to connect with an audience and overcome perception gaps. From using data efficiently, to realizing the sweet-spot between selling and helping, hear how their approach led to brand lift.

  • Cracking the diversity code: Egg Farmers of Canada

    It’s time to go beyond translating mainstream campaigns, and start baking diversity into your content marketing strategy. When Egg Farmers of Canada explored the through-line of experiences that people share through the lens of boosting sales – it was evident that ethnicity matters. The barriers to egg consumption for South Asians and Chinese consumers were different.

    In this session, learn how Egg Farmers created a unique content strategy to resonate with these communities - resulting in an 18% increase in sales and a major behavioural shift towards egg consumption.

  • Why we must never forget the brand in branded content

    Branded content seems to be everywhere. And yet in our understandable desire to develop content, we run the risk of forgetting that it is - or should be - in the service of the brand. And that means understanding how our content fits into the wider brand and marketing framework, a framework that is as important now as it has ever been.

  • Hershey’s: Achieving cultural authenticity

    Creating relevant content for a group of highly engaged consumers has become much more powerful than aiming to please everyone. Joining conversations and contributing to emerging cultural trends requires creative risks, but Hershey's senior marketing manager Mathieu Gamache says that approach to content is what's needed to connect with consumers now.

    Learn how Hershey's new approach led to the launch of the Oh Henry! 425 bar amid Marijuana legalization in Canada, the debut of a full-length Reese ASMR movie, and delivered stellar results.

  • Bud Light: Building an LDA+ audience via entertainment

    Learn how Bud Light is gaining audience traction through a nimble, always-on approach. Director of marketing Natalie Lucas explains how Bud Light is creating consumer relevance through targeted content franchises. From a late-night inspired series for eSports, to full-length feature docs, and a music platform that brings fans up-close and personal, Bud Light is strategically engaging consumer groups, and ultimately – building share in the beer category.

  • Curating content relevance: Quebec Tourism

    Sébastien Viau, VP Marketing & Sales for Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec (QuebecOriginal) is leveraging storytelling through influencers while also using AI and existing data to serve targeted content to its audience.

    Learn how Quebec Tourism's new strategy has built brand momentum and generated great results over the last three years.

  • Managing a content program in a highly regulated space: Breaking through in cannabis

    **Please note** This session is age-gated (19+), please bring your ID to be able to attend.
    Berkeley Poole, VP of Creative at Tokyo Smoke shares insights from ideation to execution on how a winning content marketing strategy can reach and engage the right consumers despite category restrictions. Poole will illustrate how content plays a critical role in driving consumer preference by leveraging creativity to change perceptions and educate - all without showing consumption.

  • How to grow your audience investment: a KOHO guide

    Instead of throwing content into the void to see what sticks, KOHO's Julia Cooper is always looking for new crevices and niches. KOHO has a very simple strategy for growing their audience and accruing new customers: what are the gaps in the average Canadian's knowledge when it comes to finance? Learn how they find new audiences and nurture them via curated content to gain trust.

  • Swoop: How to run a content-led and data-informed strategy on a tight budget

    Being an ultra-low-cost carrier, Swoop's Senior Leader of Marketing, Digital and Communications, Kelly Steward claims the sweet spot is finding the intersection between creative intuition and data insights (as well as learning from mistakes and optimising relentlessly). Steward explains how content marketing can be scalable for any budget, diving into Swoop's data-informed efforts to fast-track humanising the brand within an ROI framework.

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