Speaker Cyrus Irani


Cyrus Irani

Director of Digital Strategy

Go RVing Canada

With a diverse background of 20+ years in advertising, digital product design, creative direction and all things web, Cyrus leads the Go RVing Canada digital team as the Director of Digital Strategy. 

In his 10 years with Go RVing Canada, Cyrus has gained experience in all facets of building a brand from the ground up - first as a consultant and now leading digital strategic initiatives, interactive content development and paid media across both official languages. Alongside forward thinking agency teams that helped redefine consumer perception of the brand he guided stakeholders through a transformation that redefined both the digital and content ecosystems and catapulted the RV lifestyle forward as a desirable and dynamic lifestyle option. 

At the forefront is a unique approach to the data driven creation of authentic and lifestyle advocate focused content storytelling that speaks to the many diverse audiences that are attracted to this popular lifestyle. 

Fresh off the launch of an existing new creative campaign, “You Are Out There”, the newest evolution of the award winning "Wildhood" campaign, Go RVing Canada is constantly at work to better understand what motivates Canadians to get back to nature, and to consider RVing as a leading choice to help you get outside and explore. 

Speaking on: Levelling up the content strategy playbook

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