Advisory Board

Johanna Faigelman

Founding Partner and CEO
Human Branding

Johanna Faigelman is the Founding Partner and CEO of HumanBranding, a full-service qualitative market research consultancy, globally recognized as a leader in human insights. As a veteran marketer with 20+ years of strategic brand building experience, and a graduate degree in Cultural Anthropology, she has pioneered Applied Anthropology Thinking (AAT)™...more

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Mitch Joel

Founder, Six Pixels Group
Six Pixels Group

When brands like Google, Starbucks, Shopify and GE want to leverage technology to better connect with their consumers, they call Mitch Joel. He has been called “one of North America’s leading visionaries” by Strategy Magazine. Mitch is Co-Founder ofThinkersOne - a platform that empowers companies with personalized and bite-sized...more

Anne-Marie LaBerge

Chief Marketing Officer

From the moment Anne-Marie LaBerge joined BRP in October 2016 as Senior Vice-President, Global Brands & Communication, she’s made her mark on the company’s DNA, winning our customers’ hearts and minds with a renewed focus on building long-lasting relationships with global communities.

Born in Rochester, Minnesota, Anne-Marie discovered Quebec as a...more

Speaking on: BRP's marcom (r)evolution

Alexandra Panousis

Entrepreneur in Residence

Alex Panousis is an executive leader with over 20 years of expertise in media, digital technology, commerce and communications. She is known for driving growth by leading organizations through complex changes and helping brands and companies transform their businesses. Alex has led teams at Publicis Media, Havas, Dentsu Media, the...more

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Lynne Piette

Director Marketing
Volkswagen Canada

Passionate Leader known for creating a culture of team work and motivating a team to push beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving. Consumer centric marketer with 20 years experience in Marketing and Communications. Constantly challenging the status quo through test and learn initiatives to drive the business...more

Sabaa Quao

Chief Creative Officer

With over 30 years of experience, Sabaa Quao is a creative leader, serial entrepreneur, and business strategist.

As a digital and social veteran, he has built and grown several platforms and companies across the content, tech and culture space—including Newsrooms, Filminute, and Wealthie Works Daily. 

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Sabaa...more

Speaking on: What is AI's killer marketing app?,Lunch and learn

Steve Savic

Critical Mass

For over two decades, Steve’s work has covered the digital spectrum and sprawled the digital eco-system, covering anything and everything from transactional to brand-rich campaigns. 

These days, keeping his finger on the industry-pulse means finding new ways to apply technology: into stories, into products, across platforms and through experiences. In every...more

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